Realized (at midnight) that I love seeing other peoples workspaces, but I never share mine. So I snapped a photo. And here we are.

Microsoft has been doing all kinds of research into creating “deep learning” systems—computer networks that mimic the way the neurons in our brain work—specifically for image recognition tasks. I was asked to create an animation to bring this research to life for a wider audience, in preparation for an academic summit today in Redmond.

My takeaway?

Computers are learning how to see the world around us—so we can spend more time looking at our computers.

The animation also got hung on the end of a much more in-depth analysis of the deep learning industry from Wired magazine.

A little animation I did to explain Microsoft’s new artificial intelligence system just popped up on Engadget today.

What Would Tobi Do?

Sidewalk studio (at Rational Park)

Popped into the Chicago Design Museum real quick and snapped a few shots of my work in their store. Coil Lamp, Pinch, and Sharpener Jar will be available in the shop—next time you need a gift and you find yourself near Block 37 off State St in Chicago, swing up to the 3rd floor, see the exhibition, and check out the boutique in the back.

Aspirational sketchbook

Coolin’ out at Motorola’s new Merch Mart penthouse loft. (at Motorola Mobility Corporate HQ)