A businessman doing business things in the business section.

Mugging it up for the front page of today’s Trib business section.

.@collinamoody of Intelligentsia dropped by the studio to drop some science and run some experiments. A gentleman and a scholar.

Counter-clockwise from upper left:

1— Original idea for a double-walled brewer.
2— Initial idea for a self-contained brewer. (note the prototype plan at the bottom center of page. Also note “bricken” idea)
3— Form iterations.
4—Form interations from cones to organic shapes.

(via Experience Over Convenience: The Manual Coffeemaker No. 1 - Core77)

“I like to use the analogy of kitchen pans—you certainly can cook a steak in the microwave, but you know it’s merely going to do the job, it’s not going to taste all that great. Everyone knows if you want to do it right, you break out the cast iron skillet or the charcoal grill. Additionally nobody owns just one pan—we have a whole array of pots and pans to use in different ways, depending on what we’re after. Likewise, an automatic coffeemaker will get the job done, but you’ll never get the control of a manual brewing technique, and the coffee will almost never be as good.”