Have I ever mentioned I’m really into coffee?

My next product design project is going to be for the world of craft coffee, so in addition to recently launching my coffee journal Overextracted, I decided to run a coffee session at ORD Camp, an invite-only un-conference I’ve been attending for the past 4 years. The sessions at ORD Camp vary from the intensely geeky focus on a specific topic to dilettantish hobbies—this session probably fell right in the overlap of those two. So I threw on an apron and hauled all my gear on over.

I wanted to focus on the craft of preparing coffee—or more specifically the process of making great pour over. In a casual 60 minutes, I did a little education piece on the variables that you get to control when you’re brewing manually, I live narrated all the steps of preparing a Chemex, and finally I opened it up to the 30+ people in the room to come play with the dozens of coffee-related tools I (and others) brought for brewing. As an amazing bonus, Chris McAvoy brought his home coffee roaster, and roasted two batches of beans during the session. Between the 4 brew methods going at a time and the roaster, the room smelled amazing.

Since the attendees of the session brought about 20 punds of beans, I spent the rest of ORD Camp occasionally running a “pop-up” coffee shop in one of the common spaces, and finally got to live out my dream of being a barista, and creating a social coffee experience.

The world of craft coffee is something I’m super passionate about and I’m stoked to start making my product ideas physical, with an eye towards eventually contributing to the culture of coffee at large.